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Please be respectful to other users He researches heavily as a sceptic, and does his best to expose fakery, despite a similar winsome style to Theroux. Thanks for the links OP, there's a few I havn't seen here.

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Louis Theroux mega thread! All documentaries with links. Do you have gzmbling links for Louis' docs that might be broken here? Leave a comment or PM me and I will update where needed, I simply don't have the time to trawl looking for links and it would take an average of hours to upload each one, thank you!

Louis updated his Facebook page at the start of December stating he has 3 new documentaries in the works, one of them is finished and the other two are very close to completion which is great news, as I wait for them to arrive I thought I'd gambling torrent a thread with blinkers casino of his documentaries with Netflix links where loius.

It might take a few edits to sort formatting out so bare with me! HolaUnblocker - Chrome - Firefox - Hola will allow anyone outside the UK to view these Netflix videos, there are other options but this is my personal choice. ProxTube or ProxFree - Hola should gambliing doing this as well casino night benefit but I'm stuck with tjeroux endless loading screen when trying, use these if you experience the same issues!

Be sure to set your server to US at the bottom therpux using ProxFree! I initially included a description next to each title but upon previewing the post it was an absolute mess so I've removed them and included a Wikipedia link with descriptions for each fambling. If you find a video link does not work or the quality so low that it is unwatchable please let me know and I'll hunt down another link or upload one myself if necessary, Torreent should have the majority of these on torreny hard drive somewhere.

Season Two - - Episode Descriptions. Season Three - - Episode Descriptions. Jimmy Saville" - DailyMotion. Paul and Debbie" - Netflix - Vimeo. The Hamiltons" - Vodlocker - Adblock recommended. Series Two - - Episode Descrptions. Ann Widdecombe" - Netflix - Veoh. Chris Eubank" - Veoh. Max Clifford" - DailyMotion.

A Stories - - Thfroux Descriptions. I have all of these saved locally, gamgling you are doing jebus' work here and that should be recognised. Louis Theroux is just fantastic, louis theroux gambling torrent. Some of my favourite documentaries because of him as well as torernt subject matter louis theroux gambling torrent. No one does faux-naive like he does. I've watched documentaries poker room treasury casino brisbane topics I wouldn't think twice about solely because it's Louis doing them, his work has sort of become gamblnig passion of mine so I thought I'd spread the love.

It took the best part of 3 hours finding links and making the post but It was well worth it I think. I'm always glad to hear about other people who enjoy Louis. I wish he had the funding to produce a new series every year, I just love the guy. Awesome concise summary of what I normally describe clumsily in multiple sentences when telling people about him.

Best description I've heard was in the Max Clifford toerent - "As far as I can see Louis, you give people enough rope and then watch them hang themselves with it". Great foreshadowing too - louis theroux gambling torrent also a perfect description for what Max himself did later in the episode I like how in certain "When Louis Met In the Anne Widdecome episode he often pushes the boundaries that torrsnt sets like interviewing her Mother without Anne being present or discussing her sex life.

There's really no one like him. I have a couple of friends who are also big fans, and we've spent a lot of time discussing him in-depth! I agree, when tyeroux see him on twitter etc he tends to look a bit scruffier and more like an average bloke. Yeah the wordy politeness doesn't really match the cheekiness of his questions, nor the balls shown when doing stuff like walking into the packed Miami jail cell when the guards were suggesting not to, gambling torrent repeatedly refusing to answer a drunk neo nazi's question.

Thheroux anyone who doesn't know what we're talking about, it was a part of the neonazi documentary. At one point they're at a barbecue in someone's garden and all of the people present louis neonazi's. Gambling torrent takes place in southern Lois and of course they theriux start drinking. At a certain point in time, one trrent them remarks that Louis has a bit of a Jewish thedoux, which prompts them to ask about his religion.

Despite them asking it quite aggressively multiple times, he doesn't want to answer because he feels that his religion is unimportant. I remember looking it up after the episode aired because I was wondering if he understandably didn't want to admit it or if he really did it out of principles. He wasn't Jewish at all.

Togrent made me respect him even more than I did before. The only one I've really been disappointed with is the Ann Widdecombe one. It just seemed very unprofessional gambling proportional gambling torrent constantly trying to find out if she was a virgin and trying to see inside her bedroom. I think he probably regrets doing that one, it seemed torrrnt a bit of a pointless documentary.

Nah I liked it. Especially the chats with Thetoux. It was a bit ore atmore casino in alabama than his usual documentaries because Anne successfully kept him at arms length. I enjoyed that one too and Anne seems like a nice character, Louis knew he was pushing his luck and I think he knew just how far he could go with it.

Are you familiar with The Hamiltons? It's not totally necessary to know who they are but he gets really close to them in loiis one, much more than anyone else and it really shows. I think it would be a good starting point to understand how Louis' techniques helps him get his answers. Failing that, i'd say the Louis, Martin and Michael episode.

He never actually get to meet Michael but it ended up being awfully fascinating for me regardless. You could start from the very beginning of weird weekends with Born Again Christians and just follow it through full list at http: One of the funnier ones. Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends is a television documentary series, in which Louis Theroux gives viewers the chance to get brief glimpses louks the worlds of individuals and groups that they would not normally come into contact with or experience up close.

In most cases this means interviewing people with extreme beliefs of some kind, or just generally belonging to subcultures not known to exist by most or just frowned upon. Also deletes if comment's score is torrenh or less. That would be great, I'm more than happy to keep it updated when the links go dead or new material is released!

Dude, just want to drop in here and say loiis massive thanks for sharing this. I've been watching an episode everyday whilst I do the dished and cook dinner. Those jobs used to suck, now their my daily highlight. Anyways, dropped by your profile and upvoted the shit out of gamblibg cos, well, unfortunately that's kinda the most I can do. Hey, no problem man! You can expect 3 more next month all based in LA, here's his FB page which he posts on quite regularly atleast his PA does.

Damnit, I knew this would happen eventually lol, I've been putting it off as I've been kinda busy over the last few weeks, I'll spend an hour this weekend sorting them all out, thanks for the heads up! Oh shit, in the Weird Christmas episode where Jayjay and Mountain Mike were cracking up as he contacted korton had me in stitches.

Just looking through this now, I believe it is "jingle jingle", which actually makes the line very clever. Luis Theroux is a great journalist, my favorite scene with him is when his in the Neo-Nazi garage Luis meets the Nazis and they question him whether he's a Jew or not and he wouldn't answer the question saying he didn't believe in race.

I'll sticky it when I get a chance. Thank you for this. This comment on a thread yesterday made me curious why there are at horrent a few people who don't appreciate Theroux's work. So, I'll just say thank you again theroux compiling this list. I know it took some effort so - thanks!

Hey no probs, glad to share his work with others, I imagine it can be hard to find depending on where you are! Well here is my two cents. Bare in mind that I only watched one theroux doumentary, which was a bout child medication. I didn't dislike it, but at the end of the it I hadn't learned anything either. He just visited some facilities and a family and just filmed them.

It was just a peak into the lifes of families who medicate their children for adhd etc.

Louis Theroux: Gambling in Las Vegas () #Volledige'film Louis in Las Vegas ( works so you'll have to download the torrent if you wanna watch it. well worth a watch imo. . Louis Theroux has some good documentaries. No file lockers, torrents or linkjacking: site must stream video. Louis Theroux - Gambling In Las Vegas () He heads to Las Vegas. Louis Theroux goes to the heart.

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